Starboard is Green Surf Festival main sponsor

We’re proud to announce Starboard as our main sponsor!

Starboard – the brand industry leader in stand up paddling and windsurfing board manufacturing – will support the Green Surf Festival.

Starboard’s mission statement has been long found in the tagline: ‘innovation quality’. Now, Starboard is the first SUP brand 100% committed to use our sport to help spread the message about cleaning up the planet and reducing our impact, using innovation quality – sourcing materials from ecologically-friendly places, evolving the way we build boards, and helping inform riders and customers about how to paddle for a better planet.

Starboard also formed a partnerships with 5 eco organizations that are doing great things to improve the health of our planet: Parley for the Oceans, Sustainable Surf, WaterTrek, Trash Hero and the Thor Heyerdahl Mangrove Park in Myanmar.

All this to create the very first alliance of organizations and brands committed to protect our favorite playground: the Ocean. Thus they decided to launch the Starboard Blue program with a dedicated website – – as a one-stop hub for all the information about our eco-initiatives related to the protection of our Oceans – with heaps of tips and ways for all of us to help the environment.

Way to go Starboard! 💪

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