Starboard is a global SUP and windsurf manufacturer, and the first in their industry to commit to making 100% of their boards with a plant-based epoxy resin that qualifies for the ECOBOARD Project Benchmark.  For 2017, all of Starboard’s boards will carry the ECOBOARD Project logo.

In addition to the changes that Starboard has been making to their boards, they are just as committed to lowering the environmental impact of the rest of their operations.

Leading SUP and windsurf brand ‘Starboard’ – joins Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project on World Ocean Day

In celebration of the United Nations designated World Oceans Day, nonprofit environmental organization Sustainable Surf is proud to announce that leading Stand Up Paddleboard & Windsurf brand, Starboard, has joined their ECOBOARD Project program as their newest partner. This dramatically expands the reach of the ECOBOARD Project program into new markets, and to a wider global audience and ocean-minded community.

In a pioneering first for a global SUP and windsurf board company, all 2017 Starboard models will be eligible to carry the ECOBOARD Project label, as a result of shifting 100% of their global production to now use approved plant-based, low/zero VOCs, epoxy resin systems. Along with a host of other shifts towards more sustainable materials and processes, Starboard’s actions will result in a smaller carbon footprint across their 2017 board range, and ultimately a healthier ocean for everyone.

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